About Us

We “get it”. Resources for recruiting experienced software sales talent are getting stretched thin, and professionals are getting fed-up with months-long job searchers. Combine expensive headhunter fees with increasingly mobile sales professionals, and many software companies are left facing the unpleasant choice of either overpaying for talent or underperforming on the sales front. Or are they?

Welcome to SoftwareSalesJobs.com, where we’re redefining how software firms build world-class sales teams, and how dynamic sales professionals find that perfect “fit”.

We understand that better hiring is better business, so we’re dedicated to helping businesses and candidates make smarter matches. Businesses benefit from our all-you-can-hire services, and software professionals benefit from our ability to target their profiles to only the most relevant industry players.

Forget the days of sorting through irrelevant resumes and job postings, or paying expensive headhunting fees; we connect the best talent to the best companies, with no pressure and no limits! We have dynamic professionals at all career levels, from individual contributors to the Vice President’s office, and we offer candidates exposure to companies from exciting new start-ups to established market leaders.

Our services include access to a comprehensive resume database of the best software sales talent out there, and the ability to create customizable job postings to target relevant and qualified candidates. We also provide access to a great sales resource library with articles from some of the leading sales trainers. When you decide that the everything-for-everyone job board approach just doesn’t cut it, you should register with us. Let us show you how simple finding and hiring the best software sales talent is!