FAQs for Job Seekers

1) Why should I create a free profile at SoftwareSalesJobs?
It's FREE!
The best things in life are free, and so is creating a Candidate Profile. Yup, we're that awesome!

We only allow software sales jobs We only partner with companies in the software industry, and we only focus on sales-related openings. Whether you're a Field Sales Rep or a VP of Sales, we ensure that all our postings are relevant to your chosen profession and employment level.

Exclusive Job Listings
We're so good at what we do that many of our clients list exclusively with us, meaning you won't find these sales jobs on generic job boards or through headhunters.

2) Why can't I just get a headhunter?
Let's look at this one from an employer's perspective: headhunters charge employers a LOT per hire (>$10,000!!!). Companies love that we don't charge these fees, making our site and your profile more appealing to them.

3) How are you guys better than Monster or CareerBuilder?
Boy are we glad you asked! A profile on a generic job board simply doesn't connect your sales expertise to the right people; we link the best talent (that's you) with the relevant companies.

We also get that you have unique software skills, and that not all sales positions are the same. Our customizable candidate profile lets you highlight the important metrics hiring managers want to see: W2 history, key accounts, product expertise and former employers.

4) What if my current employer sees that I'm looking?!?
While we suggest a detailed profile, you can choose to keep your profile private. Employers can still review your qualifications and accomplishments, and contact you through our system's messaging function but your personal information remains hidden; you decide which opportunities to explore.

5) Do I need to actively check job postings?
Not if you don't want to! If you are actively "looking", our job postings are fantastic, but you can also do a "passive search". Just make sure your candidate profile is as detailed as possible to allow companies to find you when they are mining our candidate database.

Alternatively, you can also set up a job agent from within your account. Once you have set your search preferences, you will automatically receive notices from us when a relevant posting comes up.

6) What types of companies use your services?
We have just about every flavor in the industry, from established market leaders to innovative new start-ups.

7) I don't have software sales experience but would like to break into the industry. Should I create a profile?
Unfortunately, our expertise is in placing experienced software sales professionals, and our clients simply don't look for candidates with little or no experience. However, once you've "broken into" the industry, we'd love to hear from you!

8) I want to improve my sales techniques. Do you have any advice?
Yes! Check out what the experts have to say on how to improve sales in our knowledge center.

9) I'm having technical difficulties. What should I do?
If our internet gnomes are giving you a hard time, contact us and let us know the problem. We'll do our best to get things sorted out ASAP for you!