FAQs For Employers

1) What services do you offer?
Candidate Database Service
Over 130,000 sales professionals, searchable by career competencies and experience.

Job Posting Service
You can create job postings that remain active for a set period of time; customize your job posting details to ensure only relevant, active software sales representatives apply.

2) I want to become a client, how do I do that?
Great! Just send us your info, and we'll get things started. The sign up process only takes a few minutes, and we've engineered the user experience to be as painless as possible.

3) How are you different from job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder?
Simple: our software sales focus. We only do one thing, and we do it well: connect top software companies with active and dynamic software sales professionals.

We do this using a few unique tools:

Targeted Job Postings
Generic job boards = generic job postings and applications. SoftwareSalesJobs is ONLY open to software sales professionals, so you only ever review qualified sales reps.

Candidate Database
Our Candidate Database contains searchable software sales metrics for each professional (e.g., W2 history, vertical expertise, key accounts, biggest deals, and more). Good luck finding that on Monster or CareerBuilder.

Targeted Promotions
We're not just a passive job board; we actively partner with you by including all new job postings in targeted job alerts to job seekers. Additionally, employers can opt to have their jobs featured on our home page in order to get even more attention from software sales professionals.

4) What about LinkedIn, how do you compare to them?
Put simply, we don't. LinkedIn's main focus is on passive candidates and they have done a great job. But they also don't make email addresses available to you, allow you to mass-distribute your jobs to hundreds of people that you aren't connected to. Plus, their services are very expensive.

5) What are the benefits of using SoftwareSalesJobs over contingency headhunters?
Lower Fees
Say goodbye to placement fees of $15K to $25K. A one-time per subscription fee has NO limit on the number of hires, whether you need to fill a single job, or an entire sales department!

Time Savings
Less time spent screening, more time spent engaging with qualified sales professionals. We think all recruiting should be this simple.

Using SoftwareSalesJobs eliminates the need to assess and qualify contingency headhunters. It also eliminates the need to work with a number of different firms, all with different quality controls, processes and rates.

Aligned Interests
SoftwareSalesJobs.com is subscription-based, so our only concern is helping you make the best hiring decisions. We're just the impartial matchmaker; whether you hire or not is up to you!

Exclusive Candidates
Many of the best software sales reps refuse to work with headhunters. These candidates rely on posting services like us to tell them about exciting new opportunities.

6) What types of candidates can be found in your database?
Real, proven, talented software sales experts. Whether you are looking for an Inside Sales Executive, a Senior Sales Engineer, a Sales Director or even a VP of Sales, we have something for literally ANY job opening (within the software industry)!

7) Do you remove low quality candidates?
We try to remove people who clearly don't belong. For example, a job seeker who is a Plant Manager out of the CPG industry obviously does not belong on our site and will be removed. However, to be bluntly honest, you will still find low quality resumes that don't fit your opening on the site occasionally. This is due to our popularity and to the fact that our clients all have different standards

8) How do you drive candidate traffic?
Market Development Team
We have a team dedicated to ensuring that the best software sales talent is aware of the current openings listed on SoftwareSalesJobs. Through regular job alerts, social network optimization and all the regular things that clients expect, they do a great job of getting job seekers to the site.

Direct Hit Functionality
This unique feature gives you the power to get your job in front of more people from our database. Simply select the candidates that you think are the most interesting / relevant to your role, and with a few clicks you can send them all a message at the same time. Of course, as any good recruiter knows, referrals are the best source of candidates. And this Direct Hit feature allows you to generate your own traffic and create buzz around your software sales openings.