Our Services

Resume Database Service
We understand that finding the “right” person in the software industry is about more than just sales figures: career experience, territories, verticals, product segment, compensation and employment history all factor into your final decision. That’s why we’ve made the SoftwareSalesJobs.com Resume Database searchable by all of these competencies.

Let’s say for example that you need an Outside Sales Representative who is based in New York, with experience selling to SAP and Oracle, and demonstrated CRM expertise. With a few clicks, you’ll have a short-list of qualified sales representatives.

Say goodbye to inefficient resume browsing, prescreen interviews and costly contingency fees, and say hello to smarter hiring from our list of dynamic software sales professionals.

Smarter hiring means fewer costs and better hires, and we think better hires are better business (so do some of the software industry leaders we work with)!

Job Postings Service
Ensuring your sales openings get maximum exposure requires job postings (and no, the ones in the newspaper don’t count). Our Job Posting service provides a fast and effective way to raise your company’s profile, as well as the ability to select the exact experiences your new hire should have.

Specifying the years of experience, software vertical (or niche) expertise, territory, quota, sales size and cycle length, and only receive resumes from a targeted audience of software professionals (who are actively exploring new career opportunities).

When you receive job applications, you can quickly screen their resume samples, which highlights their software industry accomplishments. Less time spent browsing resumes and conducting pre-screen interviews is always a good thing!

We think that our Database and Job Posting Services are the two most important tools for a software sales recruiter, and we think you’ll agree! For further information, or to set-up a guided tour of our recruiting tools, create an account and let us know how we can help; we’d love to work with you!